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Travel With Me Series | Day 7

April 7, 2012

If you’re just visiting my blog for the first time, I have been sharing some photos and stories from a few of my recent trips in this travel series. You can check out my previous adventures HERE.

The final place we visited in Greece was Athens. I’m glad we experienced this famous city but it was my least favourite of the three because 1) There was pornography on nearly every corner…the magazines were right out there and in your face. I was shocked. If you have children and plan on visiting this city, you should be aware that your kids will indefinitely be exposed to graphic nudity.  2) The city appeared quite dirty and unkept compared to the other parts of Greece we had seen. 3) It was extremely crowded — especially in the tourist areas — and we were there during off-season so I can’t imagine the throngs of people in its peak season.

However, I was impressed by the Acropolis and the other famous ruins in Athens. It’s quite a hike to reach the Acropolis, but the views from way up there are really wonderful. It’s mind-blowing to think that these massive ruins were built long before modern machinery so they were all hand crafted.  It’s more difficult to get size perspective from a photo as opposed to standing there in person, but these man-made marvels are incredibly massive.

There were portions of the Parthenon that were being restored to what their original state would have looked like…gorgeous, polished marble. I can only imagine how these historical sites must have gleamed in their time. It was surely a sight to behold because they are still spectacular even some thousands of years later.

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