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Travel With Me Series | Day 6

April 6, 2012

In yesterday’s post I shared about our experience in Santorini…from there we traveled to Mykonos, Greece. I would consider Mykonos to be Santorini’s twin. There were many similarities, but they both had their own unique characteristics. Both were beautiful, but Mykonos seemed a bit more touristy. I loved both islands but if I had to choose a favourite of the two, it would be Santornini…despite the smelly donkey path. It just seemed more charming, relaxing and memorable for me personally. The views there were unmatched.

However, Mykonos did have it’s own personal charm to offer. The giant windmills, the Cycladic architecture and the maze of streets and alleys. It’s one of those places where you are happy to get lost. 🙂

On the day we were there the winds were so strong that the tender boats had some challenges getting from the ship to shore. Being in a tiny taxi boat on restless waters is one of the most frightening experiences of my life to be quite honest. But our Greek captain conquered the waves with masterful grace and got us safely there and back. Was it worth the fright? Absolutely.


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