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D.O.P.E. Series | Day 29

September 29, 2011

Dose Of Photography Everyday | Day 29

I’m changing it up a bit from my usual postcard photos in this series because today is a very special day….

My youngest nephew, Elliott, turns two today! So in honor of  his birthday I want to share a few of my favourite photos of him. This first one was taken the day he was born. I love this photo because it has my whole family in it (minus my husband) and they are all staring lovingly at Elliott who was only moments old.

This next one was taken around his birthday last year. It’s my all-time favourite. Look at that smile and those dimples!! 🙂

OK, I could go on and on with pictures of my nephew because I am THAT proud aunt…but I’ll restrain myself and limit it to just these two. 🙂 Since I am here in Switzerland I won’t  be able to be there to capture a photo of him this year but thanks to technology I’ll be able to see and talk to him over Skype for his birthday which I’m very much looking forward to! I’m saving up an extra big hug for him and his big brother for next year when we return!

Happy Birthday Elliott! Aunt Leah loves you to infinity and beyond! ♡

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