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Favourite Flowers from my Favourite Person

March 1, 2011

Poppies are my absolute favourite flower. I’m originally from the Midwest and found it very difficult to ever find poppies. The only place I had ever seen them in person was during my travels in Portugal many years ago. We ate at a restaurant there called “Poppies on the Park” and from the restaurant window we had the most gorgeous view of a field of wild poppies. I instantly fell in love with the flower.

Since that time I searched all over for this unique flower. I even tried to have them for my wedding bouquet but the shipping cost alone would have been out of budget! I started collecting poppy art and admiring other photographer’s photos of poppies but for years had never seen poppies in person again since that first experience. Until recently.

My husband brought home this gorgeous bouquet of poppies for me the other day knowing that they were my favourite. He had never seen them in person before but I frequently showed him images of poppies and we have some home decor items that are poppy inspired so he was very familiar with the flower because of that. He apparently saw them through a flower shop window on his way home from work and instead of passing them by, he brought them home for me to enjoy.

I have never been more excited about flowers in my whole life! I squealed like a little girl and couldn’t stop making a fuss over them! It was the most beautiful bouquet these eyes had ever seen and probably will ever see! So of course I had to photograph it! 🙂

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

What is your favourite flower? Leave a comment and/or share your stories below!

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