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We’re moving….to Switzerland

September 27, 2010

Hello All!

I think an update is in order! My husband and I have been insanely busy the last few months as we have been preparing for our move to Switzerland from the United States. We will be living there for the next two years. There have been a lot of ups and downs in the process…anxiousness…excitement…and lots of mixed emotions. Moving a state over is stressful…moving overseas is extra stressful.  But here we are…the day before our move and a sense of peace washes over me.

I get so many questions from people about our move to Switzerland but the question I hear the most is “What will you be doing over there?” My husband is a chemist and will be working as a research scientist at EPFL with his focus on solar cell research. That is the primary reason for our move. As for myself, I wholeheartedly plan to continue my career as a photographer. With the language barrier I will face in Switzerland, I will have to switch my focus a bit – my concentration will be more on nature and fine art photography  in contrast to my previous focus which was primarily wedding and lifestyle photography – but I am excited about the possibilities and the opportunity to grow in my career. Let’s just say I have big BIG dreams! 🙂  I’m thankful for my husband, family, friends AND clients who support me in the pursuit of my dreams.

I will n0t be booking any upcoming photo sessions due to this transition but will certainly let you all know when I start scheduling shoots again. I will definitely miss the client interaction and capturing those special moments in people’s lives but I have a feeling I will be capturing a fair share of my own memories with my husband during this two year adventure. You can expect photo updates in the future so keep checking back! 🙂

Thank you all for your constant love and support! It means the world to me!

Love and Smiles,

Leah D.

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